The opener, “Not A Star,” starts with a synth bass line, which brings extra depth to the mix. The second song, “Uber Outside,” is one of the highlights, with its raw energy and unique vibe. “Let It Go” has one of the catchiest beats on this release, while “Interluv” offers a change of pace. “Take Offf” has a guitar-based melody, and a trap-inspired drum pattern. “Lost in The Vapors” is perfect curtain closer for this EP!
Album/Mixtape Release
Lil Intern has release a new song entitled "Take OFFF" featuring GrecoTax. The record is sponsored by Biokemp. The Biokemp sponsorship entails free products for collaborates and some products left over for giveaways set to launch March 22nd. The record bring fans into their own world and creates its own vibe for the listener.
Single Release
After working overtime on his album over the last several years, and dealing with a few set backs with corrupted files, Lil Intern has finally launched his official website. The website is a home base for everything from updates on his career to providing his fans a one stop shop to his catalog including music videos. The importance of his artist website became overwhelmingly clear the past couple months and with his persistence in troubleshooting, he hit the launch button February of 2022.
General Update