King Kapo

He's been on the grind, putting in work. His main thing is making sure his next move is his best move. This is one of the reasons he's dropping the BANGGER "Girl You are My World". It's basically about a boy growing into a man and crowning his Queen. Making his next move his best move. Track not yet released but will be on all platforms. Show some support for this up and coming artist out of Cleveland, Ohio.
Upcoming Release
I had an event back in September, when I performed my latest track" The Realist Thing about Life is God". Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. My Hype Man was not prepared the day of the show and couldn't make it. My Family was running late and I was called to the stage. I had to go up at this point and I knew I had to kill the track. I recorded this track for Kill The Track Competition, I didn't win but song went to hard not to perform and the message behind it had to get out to the world.