No Days Off Entertainment

Young Sayso new album "Young Priorities" is available now on all music streaming platforms.
Album/Mixtape Release
BROOKLYN BASED R&B SINGER-SONGWRITER FEVER FAYE'S Latest Single Is 2020’s Anthem For Those Facing Their Demons.  "Yesterday's gone, but if you have today, make that your forever."
Single Release
Brooklyn’s Young Sayso flung himself into the hip hop limelight in 2019, landing notable success from his single “Off White”. With a tour schedule that has seen him collaborate with Sony Hulk Records and taking home 2nd place at Coast 2 Coast Live, Young Sayso has cemented his position as a rising star to look out for in the hip hop world. Young Sayso is signed to “No Days Off Entertainment” and is gearing up to debut his full-length album titled “Young Priorities”. Release details to follow.
In the Studio