NOVA STELLA just recently dropped his tape BAD PPL on May 13th. This tape has been over a year in the making, taking all the best songs that were recorded, mixed, mastered, and some even produced by NOVA STELLA. This is more than just a tape because it has concept that flows sonically throughout. The concept of this tape pertains to the title BAD PPL where each song has to do with a bad person in NOVA STELLA's life weather that is someone he has met or even himself. This tape is out now on all platforms!
Album/Mixtape Release
NOVA STELLA dropped Pop Rocks for his song of the month on April 1st. NOVA showcased this track for the first time on the Who Got Da Streetz sound stage at SXSW and will be performing this track all month starting in Atlanta on April 8th with Chris King as the headliner. NOVA plans on marketing Pop Rocks to build hype for his tape BAD PPL dropping next month! The tape contains 10 new tracks all with a unique and improved sound. Pop Rocks is out now on SoundCloud and will be on all DSP's in the coming weeks.
Single Release
NOVA STELLA has been gaining traction since he dropped his first tape "Paparazzi" in May of 2020 which featured his most streamed track "Dominoes" that receives about 20k streams per month. NOVA has recently dropped a new track "Walk in the Park Freestyle" which has started to open more opportunities like performing at SXSW. This track was submitted in Making it Mag's music review to win another slot at SXSW last Sunday and will hopefully be a top contender in the upcoming music review.
General Update