OB Swank

OB Swank has been solely focused on mobilizing youth in the upcoming 2020 election. He was recently selected among a group of artists by the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center to perform at a socially distanced open mic at Spirit Square, a venue in uptown Charlotte, North Carolina. Swank performed unreleased tracks from his mixtape "On My Mental" in a creative way that influenced young Americans to use their increased political capacity to bring change in America.
OB Swank's first pop single, Bad Habits, is now available for streaming on all music platforms. In this dynamic single, Swank uses a variety of commercial elements to evoke emotion and tell a story. He just wants someone to seize his bad habits amid getting his back stabbed by political allies and heart broken by his secret lover. Described as being "a viral TIK TOK song in the making" by ReverbNation critics, many music listeners have described this track as a vibe they have zoned out to.
Single Release
OB Swank is set to release his sophomore project, On My Mental: The Mixtape in Fall 2020. Moving past finding peace in his dilemma of finding a life partner, OB Swank begins to think about how he feels people fake support him in the political arena. Explaining why he behaves the way he does, Swank responds to his adversity emotionally and intellectually as it relates to his external reality. The message in OB Swank's genre-twisting, lyrically-relatable mixtape is to never be afraid to be yourself.
Album/Mixtape Release