Rah Dolla

Check out Rah Dolla’s new release Money bag gang. This one is sure to get the streets listening. This single is one to lookout for. His talent and work ethic speaks for itself, in his profile picture you can catch him rocking a Moneybag hoodie made by his team and available for the fans. They also come with hats, caps, sweatpants, shorts, tee shirts etc. What a wonderful feeling when your work starts paying off and one is able to see their worth.
Upcoming Release
They say success is never owned it’s rented and rent is due everyday. Are you prepared to pay that daily price ? This world is full of sharks and fish, either you swim with the fish and become a prey or be a shark on the hunt to feed your hunger. The choice was always yours, there’s 2 sides to everything: right wrong in out up down. Even with shapes (square or circle) 2 sides in and out. Either you’re a winner or a loser, boss or worker, fearless or punk, which side are you on?
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