Mike Ali

Mike Ali is sliding into all platforms with his newest single "Slide". His newest Mixtape titled “Introducing” is a project worth more than just listening to, you have to really hear what’s going on. He switches the tempo and mood throughout several songs all while still making sure listeners can stay as lit as possible. "Slide" is just the tip of the iceberg. Mike Ali says “it’s so good I should call this shit an album”.
Single Release
Mike Ali displays his struggle of lonlieness and less than average financial situation in life in his new single "Ferris Wheel". This song which will be part of his upcoming EP titled "Lone Chronicles", is his best representation of the roller coaster of life so far. "I don't feel like it's the realest s**t I ever wrote but you'll definitely want to hear more from me after listening to this record. I just want you to be in anticipation for what I have in store" he explains. Available on Soundcloud now.
Upcoming Release
Local Chicago Artist, Mike Ali, releases first Mixtape “I Ain’t Gon Lie.” Although he may fresh into the music biz, Mike Ali has a sound that may be similar to a lot of his idols. His rhyme scheme and laid back energy combined with pure lyricism sets the tone for more to come. He proclaims “I’ve always been great. I just decided to show the world how great I am.” Listen to “I Ain’t Gon Lie” on all streaming services now.
Album/Mixtape Release