It's been 5 months, since Semaj Janelle released the Hot Single "Trapp Music." Now the "Princess of R&B," has released an EP titled "Something To Listen To." If you love the soft, melodic sounds of the 80's and 90's R&B, you will enjoy the passion she brings in this 5 song EP. This EP is accompanied with a video, for the track "Ready." Released on all major streaming platforms, THE WAIT IS OVER!!!!
Album/Mixtape Release
Semaj Janelle is planning the release of hot new single "Trapp Music." The release is being released in streaming stores now. Semaj Janelle has very high confidence, that the single will do well. Semaj Janelle is planning on a few more single releases after "Trapp Music." Semaj Janelle feels she has the chance to bring back R&B, in a new Hot Style!!!
Upcoming Release