Saint Villo DeVille

Team Get Money are the hosts of the most talked about live show on the web. Love and Saint are the first couple of comedy and phenomenal motivational speakers. This show highlights artists, creators, businesses, causes, and organizations. They radiate vibes of love and laughter on every show, while at the same time discussing real issues to improve the lives of their audience. Explicit content, 18 and up target market. They so hood but the show is so damn good! YouTube@ Saint Villo DeVille
We want to see you on stage at our family day party for Autism Awareness. Any and all talent will be appreciated. We are selling vendor space to allow you to make money and distribute your merchandise. If you want to promote your talent, your business, or your organization please join us and meet the city in a relaxed outdoor setting with free food and performances. This party will be 10/31/20 from 3pm till 7pm in Morrow GA. It is a family friendly concert and pop up mall. Make money and have fun with St. V
As any Bible reader knows, Jesus was often found in the streets ministering and healing the common people. Saint Villo DeVille is bringing the word from a sinners point of view to this crowd of worshipers. All of his performances deliver charisma and high energy, but when he is doing his Contemporary Negro Spirituals, his words will give you chills. The First Annual Gospel Explosion at New Beginning Word Center Global Outreach Ministry in Stockbridge GA. invited Saint Villo DeVille to be a featured artist.