Sapphire Steamy

Sapphire Steamy: The #6ixQueen from Toronto has been focused on 6ecoming a 6rand in the Music Industry. In 2019 Sapphire Steamy 6ecame the first artist in the world to have custom cloned image USB. In 2020 the vision is to continue to grow and 6uild my 6usiness while providing leading edge technology, products and services with an alchemical twist. In 2020 The Steamy Brand will get into healing, healing products and healing music. "The Heiress VS The Priestess" and "High Priestess Voodini" drops in 2020.
Business/Project Launch
I got my mim6ership in July 2019. I had applied for 6enefits previously, 6ut Septem6er 2019, I won. Kel6y and Kim 6ooked my flight and hotel within 24 hours of announcing the winner. Everything went well. When I got to Atlanta, it was A3C week and I was 6ooked at a hotel located 1 minute walk from the event. I walked over to A3C. I was a6le to add 3 songs on Toyota's playlist. I also met T.I.P., Charlemagne The God and Big Zak; whom I was a6le to directly hand my music to. Thanks to
Sapphire Steamy has always known that there is a missing element in music. She is ready to grace you with the missing pieces to the puzzle. It will all be revealed in the new debut album scheduled to be released with her very own label Steamy Worldwide Inc in 2019. Unofficial title: "The Heiress: The Priestess". A mix-tape "#6ixQueen" dropped 10.9.17. Steamy followed it with "The Queendom" 30.04.18. "EARTH GOD" the album dropped on 11.11.18. The most recent EP "Her Majesty: I Am BILQUIS" dropped 31.05.19