Sleepi Gari

“WÆR” by La’Garyus, NOW ON ALL PLATFORMS. “I’m a child of this city(Chicago), people say we are lost when we never had a solid foundation in the first place. From all sides I watch as we take fire and watch all sides take fire. Babies in couches, human !!!online trafficking!!! There are issues bigger than us and we are all missing the point. TIME TO STOP BEING THE VICTIM “WÆR’. “ NOW ON ALL PLATFORMS
“Who Am I” a single release by la’Garyus Is now Streaming on all digital stores. This release was a combination of soul, rock, and hip hop. An empowering message to those who feel defeat. When no one wants to help but everyone wants the bread does that means you’re dreams stops” “ No, it doesn’t!” I will be performing this song at Local and Nation Venues including the Music Room during Ac3 October 13th.
Single Release