Travis M.

Watch the latest visual from Travis M. "Zodiac Killer". With Over 16k views on Youtube the visual takes the viewer through an emotional journey with the artist. Travis dedicated this video to his family in the memory of his Grandmother who passed Summer 2018
Music Video Release
Travis M. Travis M. is a Houston-based hip hop artist comparable to Kanye West and Common, dropping his latest release, Meanwhile, July 21, 2017. “None of this is gonna matter when I blow.” -Travis M. In his first single since his EP Travis M., the Houston native, declares he is the one. In his song “Neo” he speaks about rising above his current day distractions, which were a major theme in his latest release “Meanwhile” (July 21, 2017)
Single Release
Life after college for many is a time of self-exploration. It’s the first time in their life they are facing an adult reality that’s made of where they want to be and where they have to be. Houston-based emcee Travis M explores that on his upcoming release, Meanwhile. He takes listeners on a journey through the duality of his reality like no other.
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