This 5-track anthem is a perfect example of proving that the underground produces some of the best Hip Hop content that exists in the modern musical realm, even though it sits right under the nose of most mainstream labels. This rollercoaster ride of bangers from start to finish showcases Vish-K‘s super charged flow and sonic alchemy of dynamic lyrical structures when it comes to his rhyming techniques, and truly knows how to keep your attention fixated on him no matter what theme he puts forward.
Album/Mixtape Release
No holding back "Can I" is a party anthem taking notice very quick. The fun beat makes the lyrics memorizing to the ear to the point the listener is repeating each words. The direction and making of the song was led by the unique instruments used to create the beat by Producer "2050beats". The envisioning of "Summertime" and "Water" with people having fun was the motivation for the lyrics. This catchy single makes you want to move and will get the party started!
Media Coverage
My new single "Upper-Tunity" is out now! The song shows my versatility plus wordplay as an Artist. This song is about the constant grind I go thru everyday with the inspiration to make an opportunity happen. As the old saying goes "it takes money to make money," so why not do something I love for profit? This is what the songs lyrics is ultimately about. The beat was made by "Complete Opposite Records," which is based out of London, UK. The sound of the song is engaging with a "trap" type melody.
Single Release