YBF K Sauce

It's Been A While...

What's good y'all, been locked in for a while and haven't been posting updates on here, going to be a lot more active from here on out. Thank you to all of my supporters, and a special thanks to those who helped my most recent project, "Sincerely, Sauce", reach over half a million streams across all platforms! As well as those who voted for me in the Music Review a few weeks ago, you got me into the tournament! Appreciate y'all for real. Link to the project/merch attached!
General Update

New Release Update!!!

Recently released my debut mixtape, "Fightin' Demons" on all platforms, and we're at over 20K STREAMS in the first week!!! Sent in two songs from it for the DMR and "Empty Words" got listened to and receive some great feedback from Kelby and the people in Clubhouse, so preciate that fr. Also, my bad for not posting in so long I just found out how to post updates lmao I forgot how😭
Album/Mixtape Release

My Latest Song is Almost At 40K!

I just wanted to thank anyone in this community who may have supported me at any point so far in my journey towards success in this industry. My latest song, "WALK IN" is almost at 40 THOUSAND plays on SoundCloud, and almost at 30 thousand on Spotify. This is my biggest accomplishment in this business so far, and I hope to continue improving my craft and working even harder in the future! Again, thank you all!
Single Release