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Released on February 12th, Big Arie's latest single "Fell Out" hit 15,000 streams in its debut week. The song, which features a sample from the iconic Lenny Williams hit "Cause I Love You", was produced by Bigg D (credits: Jay Z, Chris Brown, City Girls, & Lil Wayne) and Lamb (credits: Beyoncé, Missy Elliot, & Keyshia Cole). A record that impressively showcases Big Arie's ability to combine soulful delivery with her own edgier style of writing, is a strong confirmation for the A2O/3MG joint venture.
Single Release
After weeks of negotiations, Anonka Dixon's Against All Odd Music Group officially entered a joint venture with Mastermind Music Group on singer/songwriter, Big Arie. While booking a recording session for K1NG ZOE, engineer/artist, Cuzin Ryan, took note of the campaign A2O was creating behind their artist and introduced Anonka to the 3MG's CEO, Tim Smathers. The two instantly clicked and began discussing possible collaborations. Watch video below to see why Big Arie was at the top of that list.
Business/Project Launch
Fourth quarter has been increasingly productive for Against All Odds CEO, Anonka Dixon. Using the ground gained from the successful roll out of K1NG ZOE's debut album, Season of Revenge, Anonka was able to secure a new distribution deal for the entire label. All of this recent activity has brought even more opportunities to the table, including a proposition for a joint venture. While working out the details, Anonka's still orchestrating the re-release of ZOE's project with new visuals. Check link below!
General Update
With "FEEL1NG AMAZ1NG" serving as the lead single to K1NG ZOE's debut project, the A2O team called a quick audible as the record "B1G THANGS" began taking on a life of its own. It's overwhelming response prompted a promotional run through GA resulting in a performance at 2Chainz' Escobar South, bookings in Valdosta, an interview on Columbus' 98.3 FM, and an appearance on the Trapping in the Basement series with Think It's a Game A&R and Florida Legend, Bigga Rankin. Check out "B1G THANGS" at the link below.
Media Coverage
A chance meeting between Anonka Dixon and South Florida rapper, K1NG ZOE, would culminate in the rising talent signing to A2O (Against All Odds Music Group) three years later. Pouring the next two years into the preparation of ZOE's debut album, the roll out for SEASON OF REVENGE was abruptly halted by the COVID-19 global pandemic. Quickly adapting their release strategy, A2O was able to achieve a successful 3rd quarter release for the project including FM radio play for the debut single, "FEEL1NG AMAZ1NG"
Album/Mixtape Release