Martel Star has release his take on the 19 week, #1 song that took the country (& country music) by storm. Martel Star rides his Pegasus off into the sunset as he grumbles over Lil Nas X's "Countrap" twangy tune. We imagine THIS may be what X was truly thinking when originally writing his hit. With his own giddy-up tale of a late night romp, Martel definitely pushes boundaries. There's clearly a touch of satirical humor in the Starmix & it's great to hear an artist that doesn't take themselves too seriously
Single Release
Twisted Fabrik, an independent clothing line based in Atlanta, GA, will launch it’s first full production fashion show. “The Glam Ball” will be hosted by Rapper/Actor Martel Star. Martel Star most recently is starring in the 7th & Love webseries & realeased his EP Welcome To Emerald City in March. Truly a star in the making, Martel brings energy & a touch of ratchet to every single thing he’s involved in. The Glam Ball is still searching for models & vendors. Please reach out for additional details.
The EP not only showcases his talents, but sets the bar for other indie rappers. “This [EP] has been a long time coming & I’ve put a lot of love into it–it’s my baby! The album definitely has something for everyone & you’ll be able to have fun & turn up to it!” Martel goes on to reveal the origins of his EP’s name. “I love ‘The Wizard of Oz!’ I feel like Atlanta is Emerald City…The land of opportunities just like Emerald City, where Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, & The Lion went to get what they needed.”
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