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The now 2x Queen City Award winner for female hip hop artist of the year, is taking on a bigger role in the development in the Charlotte Music Scene. She has spent the year building, networking, performing and traveling but she still makes time for local scene. She has been hosting a weekly open mic in Charlotte for the past 6 months, & monthly they feature a live band! ReeCee also did free verses and features all Nov. ReeCee is featured on this month's episode of the Queen City Music Podcast! EP out now!
General Update
ReeCee has been positioning herself in right places at the right times. She spent a few weeks in California to network and build her brand. She has also been working closely with the Atlanta tech company The Rap Plug, to expand her reach and influence. She was in Cali for Coachella and Combsfest 19 where she connected with many people in the industry. On 4/20 she went to Highchella curated by J Mulan & dropped her project for private listening through cashapp. It will soon be available all major platforms.
Shortly after moving to Charlotte and pursuing her music career, ReeCee was voted Charlotte's Female hip hop artist of the year in the 12th Annual Queen City awards. She was nominated for 2 awards after only living in Charlotte for 8 months. ReeCee has networked and performed at over 100 events in Charlotte, Atlanta and even Miami in a matter of 4 months, showing that she has the drive it takes to win. Her work ethic, incredible stage presence, and unique style of music has set her apart from other artists.